borsa da lavoro in pelle un must per la donna in carriera

The leather work bag is a real must have for every career woman: it is an important business card that helps to qualify her.

For this reason, the leather work bag is the accessory that helps to make the work outfit unique and to assume a fundamental importance in relations with others.

After all, all accessories are essential to define the style of the woman who works and are synonymous with timeless elegance.

You can not give up the work bag that, depending on the style, will adapt to the different professional needs of the career woman.  It should be stressed that a work bag that never goes out of fashion is the one made of leather.


Of undisputed quality, leather work bags are versatile and can be easily combined with both work and office outfits and those chosen for a business meeting. The versatility of the leather handbags allows them to be an accessory suitable for the professional context, but also for informal and daily situations (such as a walk).

Buying a genuine leather bag means choosing quality: it is an accessory dedicated to those who want to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the leather work bag survives all trends and adapts to every need.


The models of leather work bags are really various: you can choose the computer bags, the classic 24 hours, the document bags and the bags used to organize work tools.

In any case, the leather bag must be suitable to accompany every professional woman in every occasion: for example, the bag for the laptop is very useful for transporting the device and also very resistant. Depending on how it is worn, the leather bag for the computer must be equipped with handles and shoulder strap and, given its standard size, can also be used for an aperitif.

Managers often choose a 24-hour bag, a travel companion accessory and excellent quality. In any case, leather work bags must be comfortable, capacious and allow the organization of documents and computers.


Elegant leather work bags are accessories available in different colour shades: blackbrown, green, blue and burgundy. All these colors are perfectly suited to the work environment.

Hammered leather work bags are usually available: these are accessories suitable for those who want to combine professionalism with style.

It is true that – compared to fabric bags – leather bags have higher prices, but the purchase is justified by being a high quality and durable product.

So, which leather handbag should you choose? Surely it is good that every woman knows how to find the right accessory in perfect harmony with her style.

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