The bag is not a simple accessory but represents something that accompanies you daily in all contexts and circumstances. We compare it to an essential asset for functionality, use and diffusion.
For this reason we have created Visone with the aim of offering a range of products studied and designed with care, researching and selecting specific and valuable materials, applying them to some of the best-selling models of all time. Our challenge arises with the search for optimal production which therefore encompasses all these aspects. We found the right balance in Campania, in Naples, discovering an entire social fabric that has been involved in the production of luxury leather goods for generations. A world where the most ancient traditions coexist with the most modern equipment and technologies. A real magic that allows the creation of excellent and cutting-edge artifacts. The first Visone workshop is located in the heart of the city: husband, wife and children work there. A small reality but full of love and passion for work. The first models proposed are immediately successful for the design is innovative, the materials and above all the relationship with the price. The brand began its commercial and media growth until in 2016 it was selected by Vogue Italia for the “The Next Talents” event which was attended by 14 emerging brands from all over the world. Later Visone joined the National Chamber of Italian Fashion which selected him for the “Fashion Hub Market” an international contest for the presentation of new brands on the world stage. Altaroma instead inserts it in two editions of the “Showcase” in Rome.
Alongside the media growth of the brand, the commercial one was added. Visone is currently distributed all over the world from Milan and Paris. We are present in some of the major boutiques and with our online store.
Today our greatest satisfaction is to produce our bags internally, covering the entire production process and creating employment in the area. Our artisans are the true value of the brand: we are them and their stories tell the DNA of Visone.